Pikeville Just Makes Sense

Our recent announcement regarding moving our headquarters, research facilities, and manufacturing activities across country to several cities in eastern Kentucky has drawn much interest and peaked some curiosity. Of particular interest is the selection of Pikeville, KY as home for our one million-square-foot manufacturing complex that will employ hundreds of employees, including engineers and chemists with BS or advanced degrees.


Though we considered other areas of the country – primarily in the western portion – many factors entered into the decision to move to this particular region, which historically was known as the Energy Capital of the United States. These include land availability, geographical position, availability of a skilled workforce, partnerships with local colleges and universities, and various government incentives.



We will be able to develop 154 acres on the site of the former Marion Branch coal mine as the location for our Energy Innovation Park, home to our four manufacturing facilities.



Pikeville is located within a day’s drive of 65% of the U.S. population as well as providing easy access to many of the raw materials used in our production processes.


Skilled Workforce

Eastern Kentucky and the Pikeville area offers us a trained, highly skilled, and available workforce with strong understanding of Direct Current (“DC”) power, complex machinery, and robotics operations in production environments. It also provides robust military support and veterans for employment. The area is rooted in the challenging coal industry, which leads to a population with a strong work ethic, perseverance, loyalty, tenacity, dedication, and broad and transferable skill sets.


Educational Partnerships

The company will partner with University of Pikeville, University of Kentucky, and other colleges and universities in the area for research, materials science, and to encourage new technology development through incubation.


And finally, building a team that is creating something significant that can benefit both the local and global community is not only exciting, but meaningful to us. To play a part in helping revitalize a region and put coal miners, veterans, and others back to work is very gratifying to us as a company. It is tremendously satisfying to be more than just a company that sells products, but to also make an impact on people’s lives.


Pikeville – just makes sense!