Changing the way we move people and products

With Enerblu's commercial line of electric trucks, vans and buses, we’re changing the way we transport people and products forever. Built in America and offering high-performance and ultra-low maintenance — Your next fleet has arrived.

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Zero Emission Transportation Solutions

Built in America with EnerBlu's proprietary eLTO™ battery technology and our advanced chassis designs, distribution organizations, schools and communities can enjoy the benefits of lower operating costs and zero emission transportation. We can show you how.

Innovative Design, Manufacturing & Distribution

Streamlined manufacturing innovations and efficiencies along with our patented chassis design means better production and lower costs.

EnerBlu's iinovative line of electric commecial vehicles

Fast Charge Capabilities--Greater Productivity

Our line of fast charge electric trucks, vans and buses means more up-time and more efficient fleets to deliver your products and transport people to their destinations.

Learn more about our ePWRSTAQ™ Battery Technology

Fast Charge Electric Vehicle Fleets

Performance: Top Speeds 70mph+

Capable of freeway speeds and an impressive 100 mile range on a single charge, our line of electric fleet vehicles are changing the way we think electric transport solutions

Learn more about our complete of line electric vehicles.

Performance all electric commercial fleets

Advanced Technologies - Made in America

Technologies built in America! Transforming more than just the way we transport products and people--We're changing lives and communities by creating hundreds of US jobs and building our line of electric trucks, vans and buses in here in the USA. We're growing our ranks and building your next fleet of commercial all-electric vehicles.

Advanced Technologies

Markets We Serve

Now is the time to think all-electric commercial fleets. Fast-charging, reliable and reduced maintenance plus eliminate your traditional fuel costs. 

  • Delivery Companies
  • Airport and Hospitality Shuttles
  • Schools and Universities
  • Local Transit Authorities
  • Specialty

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The world is ready for all electric transportation. So is business.

Eliminate traditional fuel costs forever...

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